Everyone remembers a Field Trip from their youth!

FIELD TRIP TO THE DISCOVERY CENTER - Zack and Zoey Adventures™ book series follows Zoey and her brother Zack as they embark on an unexpected journey which will alter the course of their young lives, forever.

They take a routine Field Trip to the Discovery Center and each of them finds a passion they never knew they had. Their new passion for space - Zoey with Saturn nd gas giants; Zack with Mars and rovers - becomes so interesting to them, they find they can't about anything else.

THE BEST PROJECT EVER - The story continues in book 2, when they've returned to class after their Field Trip and their teacher informs the class that each student must create a Space or STEM project based on what they learned during their field trip. Each student can select their own project topic, but they must be able to relate it back to what they learned at the Discovery Center.

This assignment, combined with Zack and Zoey's new interest in NASA and all things 'space', lead them to decide to create a Project Team, "like NASA does", and create "The Best Project Ever."

REACH FOR THE STARS - As Zoey, Zack, and their new friends Kaitlyn and Aaron begin working on building Project KESSEL for their assignment, they run into problems. Will it be more problems than the kids can solve? Will they find solutions? Will they be ready in time to present their project to the class?

The Zack and Zoey Adventures book series has been awarded the honor of being 


under the Space Foundation's Space Certification Program.

This certification means:

"The Space Certification Program awards a "seal of approval" to companies whose products and services can demonstrate a viable link to the space program."


We are a Space and STEM loving community dedicated to learning, sharing, educating and growing the #Marsandbeyond generation. 



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