STEM to Bloom Issue #1
  • Why STEM to Bloom?  There will be MUCH more information to follow regarding this question...

  • "Zack and Zoey: Project Notebooks": if you haven't read our first book, Field Trip to the Discovery Center, the kids go on a field trip and will be given a project to do for class upon returning to school.

    • Having kids keep a notebook about any new projects or interests engages their brain and helps them both learn and remember what they are doing with it.

  • imaginationings!: We are excited for your kids to submit their artwork to be included in a future issue of S.T.E.M. to Bloom!

  • Science Fiction to Science Fact: 

    • Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon: If any kids have read this book, post a comment on our Facebook page, with a brief description and what your favorite part of the book was and we will reach out to you with a prize.

    • Apollo 11 moon landing: post a comment on our Facebook page with your favorite part of the 1969 moon landing

  • Mission Highlights, Cassini-Huygens: Here are some links to learn so much more about one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL space missions ever launched:

    • - this site is a link to ALL things Cassini, enjoy!

    • Google the words "Cassini mission" or "Cassini spacecraft" and explore some of the links you find, there are tons :)

  • Space Junk: if you have an idea on how we could deal with the rea life "space junk" problem, post a comment on our facebook page,, we'd love to know about it

  • Zack and Zoey Activity: if you make an edible Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, please post a photo on our facebook page, we definitely want to see it (you know, since we can't have a bite of it...)


We are a Space and STEM loving community dedicated to learning, sharing, educating and growing the #Marsandbeyond generation. 


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