After a Field Trip to the Discovery Center, Zack and Zoey's teacher assigns them a STEM project they must do for class. What begins as a simple project assignment, turns into The Best Project Ever.

Zack and Zoey learn that since Space Exploration is a team endeavor, Space and STEM learning becomes a much better experience when it is also a team endeavor!

The Best Project Ever

  • Picking up immediately after Zack and Zoey's Field Trip, their teacher assigns them a project in class which munst relate to the STEM they learned at the Discovery Center.

    The spark of passion for what they are learning turns an ordinary class assignment for Zack and Zoey into the best project their school has ever seen!

  • Zack and Zoey Adventures™ is happy to ship anywhere kids want to learn morea bout Space and S.T.E.M.


We are a Space and STEM loving community dedicated to learning, sharing, educating and growing the #Marsandbeyond generation. 


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