Children are highly capable of learning STEM...
STEM topics just require a little help.

STEM to Bloom is that help!

STEM to Bloom is a monthly subscription magazine filled with Space and STEM education designed for children ages 6 - 12. The magazine is filled cover to cover with Space and STEM lessons, presented to kids in fun and accessible ways, with each issue including:

  • Fiction stories: two (2) four-page original content, fiction stories. Each story is a single lesson about a Space or STEM topic in nugget-size form

  • Mission Highlights: details about a real-world Space or STEM-based mission, spacecraft, technology, system, or piece of equipment

  • Hands-on Activities: at least one hands-on activity which kids of all ages can do, either themselves or with the assistance of an adult

  • Museum of the Month: detailed information about one of the 350+ Space and Science Centers across the United States. Giving kids a taste of what cool things are at those museums makes them far more interested in wanting to visit.

  • Interactive pages: in several ways, kids are encouraged to create their own works to be shared within the pages of a future issue of STEM to Bloom

  • Learn and Share: to take the kids' learning beyond the pages, kids are encouraged to learn more about the topics in each issue, then Share their learning/experiments with us on our Facebook page

  • Beyond the Page Learning: each issue of STEM to Bloom is expanded upon on this website, so kids, parents, and teachers have more resources to reach beyond the learning begun in the magazine

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Why STEM to Bloom
magazine is changing the way kids learn Space & STEM!


We are a Space and STEM loving community dedicated to learning, sharing, educating and growing the #Marsandbeyond generation. 


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